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2019 Fund Raising Prizes

09/16/2019 – The Raffle is now closed. Thank you all for your support and good luck in the draw on Tuesday.

We are exceptionally fortunate to have so many generous sponsor supporters in the RC Soaring community. They are contributing an amazing array of RC and soaring goodies for you to enjoy. The Tickets are available at the Team Store and the more you buy the better the odds of your success. The draw will take place after the Worlds in August 2019. We would particularly like to thank all of our very generous sponsors and encourage everybody to visit their websites and support them. They are the backbone of our hobby and without them we would not have such wonderful toys to play with.
Click here to buy Tickets.
Tickets are now available according to the following chart:
• 1 for $5.00
• 3 for $10.00
• 7 for $20.00
• 20 for $50.00
• 50 for $100.00
• 125 for $200.00
• 400 for $500.00
• 1000 for $1000.00
Bookmark this page, return regularly and scroll down to see the thousands of $$$$ in prizes and their donors. Please make sure you visit the sponsors online stores also.

  • Prize Number 1. The legendary Xplorer 3.8 in either F3J or F5J (Your Choice) valued at $1,899.00 has once again been donated by the US Soaring Team’s strongest and most consistent sponsor – Bob Breaux of Soaring USA. Soaring USA.

The amazing Xplorer F3J and Explorer F5J competition models are easily the winningest sailplanes ever created. You will be the proud owner of one of these great models if you win the F3B Team Raffle Grand Prize. You could choose the HOT 3.8-meter ultralight thermal duration specialist with scads of contest wins and competition-bred evolution! Simply the best for F5J or relaxing Sunday fun flying!

Wingspan 148in (3760 mm)
Wing Area 1260 (81.3 dm²)
Airfoil NAN F3J
Length 61in (1550mm)
Weight 28.22 oz (800g) empty
Motor type Neu 1102/3y/6.7 with RFM 14×8
Battery config 3s LiPo
Specification ail Area: 137 (8.8 dm²)
Maximum Current 50 amps
Go to the most comprehensive sailplane website on the planet and drool over the beautiful models and accessories there. Start planning your model build and buy the tickets in this raffle to win this winning sailplane. When you see Bob please thank him for being number 1 sponsor for soaring competition in USA.

The Precision is the first F3B model from Samba since the release of the Brio almost 10 years ago. With the help of Johannes Dillinger, Philip Kolb and Benjamin Rodax this design is cutting edge. Many 100’s of hours were devoted to this project, and the results speak for themselves! This model is available in a 2000gm. (71oz) F3B layup, or a 2200gm. (78oz) F3F layup. The F3F layup is stronger for the slope, and less in cost.

Our version of Pike Precision will include: Full RDS hardware, model covers, ballast, and pre-installed wiring harness. Other options are, 2x carbon, Spread Tow, and RTF Versions with gear Pre-installed at Samba.

The new Extreme Flight V2 Extra 300EXP is here! Incorporating all of the latest design updates from our most recent releases, this perennial favorite returns loaded with composites, 2 new color schemes and is stronger and lighter! New updates include a self-aligning stab assembly which greatly simplifies the assembly of the Extra, super strong carbon U-channel landing gear mount, composite laminated plywood and balsa fuselage construction and 2 high visibility standard (non-printed) Oracover color schemes. The Extra also includes a 63mm Cyclone spinner (Dark Blue with the Blue/Orange Scheme, Red with the Red/Yellow Scheme) The Extra can easily be assembled and ready to fly in a single evening session by an experienced modeler.

Thomas Cooke has once again very generously donated a bunch of servos. These precious units are used by each Team member and Thomas has shown unwavering support for the all USA Teams in each discipline for many years. Please support Thomas and MKS Servos USA by going to the MKS USA Servos website and buying the best insurance your model can have….. The best servos on the planet!

  • Prize Number 4. Pair of MKS HV6130 servos valued at $155.00 kindly donated by MKS Servos USA

These High Voltage servos are happy at 4.8 volts or they will work just fine in your wing with a couple of unregulated lipos powering your system at 7.8volts. Go with the peace of mind that only relying on the finest servos can bring.

Motor Type Coreless Motor
Potentiometer Drive Direct Drive
Bearing Type 3x Ball Bearings + 2x Jewel Bearing
Gear Type Metal Alloy gear
Dimensions 30x10x29.8 mm (1.1811X0.39X1.17 in)
Weight 23g (0.81oz)

  • Prize Number 5. A second pair of MKS HV6130 servos valued at $155.00 kindly donated by MKS Servos USA

These High Voltage servos are happy at 4.8 volts or they will work just fine in your wing with a couple of unregulated lipos powering your system at 7.8volts. Go with the peace of mind that only relying on the finest servos can bring.

Motor Type Coreless Motor
Potentiometer Drive Direct Drive
Bearing Type 3x Ball Bearings + 2x Jewel Bearing
Gear Type Metal Alloy gear
Dimensions 30x10x29.8 mm (1.1811X0.39X1.17 in)
Weight 23g (0.81oz)

  • Prize Number 6. is a pair of HV6110 servos valued at $88.00 also kindly donated by MKS Servos USA

These little gems are just perfect for aileron servos and do the job at all voltages from 3.8 to 8.4 without uaing a regulator.
Motor Type Coreless Motor
Potentiometer Drive Direct Drive
Driver Type FET
Bearing Type 2 Jewel Bearing + 1 Bronze Bushing
Gear Type Metal + Aluminum-magnesium alloy Gears
Connector Wire Length 15.0 cm (5.9 in)
Dimensions 22.5X10X23.5 mm (0.89x 0.39x 0.93 in)
Weight 10 g (0.35 oz)

  • Prize Number 7. is a pair of HV69 servos valued at $110.00 also kindly donated by MKS Servos USA

These little gems are just perfect for aileron servos and do the job at all voltages from 3.8 to 8.4 without uaing a regulator.
Spline Size 6mm 25 Tooth
Dead Band 0.001ms (Default)
Control System +Pulse Width Control
Working Frequence 1520μs / 333Hz
Operating Voltage 3.7 ~ 8.2 V DC Volts (for 2S ~ 1S LiPo)
Operating Temperature Range -10 to + 60 Degree C
Operating Speed (4.8V) 0.17 sec/60° degrees at no load – Stall Torque (4.8V) 6.0 kg-cm / 83.3 oz-in
Operating Speed (6V) 0.13 sec/60° degrees at no load – Stall Torque (6V) 7.50 kg/cm (104.2 oz/in)
Operating Speed (7.4V) 0.11 sec/60° degrees at no load – Stall Torque (7.4V) 9.2 Kg/cm (127.8 oz/in)
Operating Speed (8.4V) 0.10 sec/60° degrees at no load – Stall Torque (8.4V) 10.2 Kg/cm (141.7 oz/in)
Motor Type Coreless Motor
Potentiometer Drive Direct Drive
Bearing Type 2x Ball bearing
Gear Type Metal Alloy Gear
Dimensions 29 x 13 x 28.7 mm
Weight 21 g

  • Prize Number 8 is a beautiful 73″ AJ Aircraft Raven valued at $499.00 kindly donated by the Jesky family and AJ Aircraft.

Anyone who went to the Toledo Weak Signals Expo this year may have seen this new gem in the AJ Aircraft booth. It’s a 73″ model of the popular 92″ Raven, and is for either 8-10S electric or 35CC gas. Flying weight is around the 10lb range. Variety of color schemes are available as with the larger 92″ Raven. Thank you to the Jeskys for this kind donation to the F3B Team Raffle.


  • Prize No. 9 is an MZ-24 V2 Radio kindly donated by Manny of Graupner USA. valued at $499.99.

Voice, color and touch is what makes the Graupner MZ-24 one of the most versatile radio on the market at a price point unmatched in the industry. With its 12 channels and built-in real-time voice telemetry you will experience a new level of connection between you and your model. Usability is easy with the TFT color and touch screen. Navigating through the basic and function menus is simple with the touch of your finger, stylus or navigation keys.

The high-precision quad bearings gimbals are adjustable with a 4096 resolution precision for smooth and accurate flight control. High reliability is achieved by hopping over 75 2.4 GHz channels to secure the most reliable interference-free operating channel for a safe and worry-free flight.


  • Prize No. 10 is a Desert Aircraft DA35 engine. Dave from Desert Aircraft has kindly donated this DA35 valued at $445.00.

All New DA-35 is the latest design from Desert Aircraft and is the ultimate powerhouse for your 30-40cc size airframe. While it’s the smallest engine in our line-up, no corners were cut! It has all the quality and features of our larger engines.
In addition, it features Desert Aircraft’s new micro-processor controlled ignition for super smooth operation and performance. The ignition works with 4.8 to 7.2 volt battery packs and has a “Safe Start” feature to prohibit kick backs when starting. It is also serviceable if damaged.
All engines come with ignition, prop washer, and prop bolts.
Both the engine and ignition are covered with a 3 year warranty, backed by the best service and support in the industry.

The ELF is a small discus-launch glider ideal for sport flying while on travel or in your neighborhood park. The ELF is based on MIT’s Dr. Drela’s HLG glider design, the Apogee. Due to it’s low weight, with a scant wing loading of 2.77* oz./sq. ft. ready-to-fly, the ELF is able to sustain flight in the smallest and lightest of thermals.
Pod – Features a transparent yellow or white injection-molded pod. A custom carbon boom is connected into the pod, on which the receiver battery (a one-cell 240mAh LiPo pack with an integrated charging circuit), two servos and the receiver are mounted on. A removable nose cone allows for easy access to RC components.
Wing – Carbon D-Box construction and carbon-capped balsa ribs combined with a vertical balsa grain spar provide a stout one-piece wing. The wing features the AG series of DLG airfoils designed and refined by MIT’s Dr. Drela. A carbon “T” launching blade that is capable of being installed on either wing, allows for comfortable launches. The wing is professionally covered in Violet, Blue or Red Oracover to provide strength and stiffness.
Tail – The tail surfaces are composed of light-weight foam, which is reinforced with carbon, fiberglass and then vacuum-bagged. A one-gram miniature v-mount allows for the full flying stabilizer to give the pilot infinite pitch control. Carbon push-rods are pre-installed.

  • Prize Number 13. Sky Wing 60” Laser 260 –A Super valued at $269.99 kindly donated by Tim from North West RC.

The 60″ Sky Wing Laser has:

Weight: 3.5-4lbs (1.4-1.6kg)
Span: 96″ (2.45m)
Length: 75.6 (1.92m)
Airfoil: PG1223
2-3ch: 2 Servos
64mm EDF thrust system
Many of us have wonderful memories running through fields chasing free flight models. One of the latest revelations in RC is to relive those classic times resizing some of the classic free flight models and making them RC.
Although the Sapphire is of no particular model, it still captures the essential look and flight performance of the period. If your interested in reliving aero modeling from the 50’s or just want to enjoy the simple relaxing pleasure of a retro design, this could be the model for you. The Sapphire makes a perfect light lift slope model or if you dont have a slope handy, you can install the 64MM EDF for propulsion..
It also makes for a great first time build project.
Kit includes all laser cut parts, full size plan, pushrods, control horns, sheeting, spar stock, just choose your favorite covering and RC equipment and you will have all you need to get this classic design into the air.


Frank has been one of the most consistent supporters of Soaring Teams in all of USA during the last 10 years. Please support him by buying Zap products. These kits include ZAP Thin CA, ZAP Medium CA, ZAP a Gap Thick CA, ZAP Rubber Toughened CA, Zap Foam Safe CA and ZAP Kicker and spray. They are in a convenient plastic tray with lid and simply perfect to have with you at the flying field for field repairs or stored on your work bench for when you need the best adhesives for your next build. Frank Tiano also has provided the US Soaring Team with extra adhesives for use as team supplies in Jesenik. Please visit Franks website and check out the great range of Zap adhesives available.

  • Prize Number 18. $100 Gift Card kindly donated by Dana from Chief Aircraft.

For over 30 years, Chief Aircraft Inc. has been supplying General Aviation and Radio Control customers with products world wide. In 1994, Chief Avionics was formed to install a wide variety of the latest avionics for its customers and is today an FAA approved Part 145 repair station located on the Grants Pass Airport. In 2008, to assist customers better nationally, Chief Aircraft Inc. opened its new facility in Deland, Florida. Located on the Deland Airport, it operates to aid in quicker East Coast deliveries with mail order phones as well as walk-in and fly-in service at both facilities.

East Coast deliveries will be 2-3 days via ground service with lower shipping rates. We know in today’s economy, you’ll choose to utilize the savings from the nation’s largest in-stock supplier.

Whether you’re flying or driving, you’ll always receive the very best in service and prices from knowledgeable sales representatives. For AOG’s, we also provide overnight and 2nd Day UPS, FedEx P1 and SOS with in-house tracking.

Pictured is one of Chief Aircrafts offerings – the amazing Typhoon H Pro Equipped with six rotors, a 360-degree gimbal camera and retractable landing gear all at an unprecedented price, the Typhoon H is set to provide the latest professional grade features to consumers everywhere.

  • Prize Number 19 is a $100 Gift Certificate kindly donated by ZB and Lucy at Esprit model.

Esprit’s Mission Statement: Be a significant figure in the RC community by providing quality products and service.

What Our Esprit Brand Stands for:
Education – Share knowledge of our products to others when we can.
Satisfaction – Provide service that exceeds expectations.
Participation – Become immersed in flying community.
Reach – Bring quality products from across the globe to your door step.
Inspiration – Inspire others to get involved and help the hobby prosper.
Technology – Design products that evolve with the market and the need of the professionals and hobbyist.

Esprit Tech is an Developer, Designer, Importer and Distributor of high-quality, precision crafted products for Radio Control and Propulsion Flight Systems. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring to the market the latest and greatest the world has to offer. Our direct relationships with manufacturers allow us to provide leading edge products with the hobbyist in mind. Esprit Tech is more than just a hobby shop. We are a technology company. A company for Pilots, run by Pilots.

Mikado USA is proud to be the new USA Distributor for Scorpion. Scorpion HK Series Brushless Motors are built from the best materials available, and are designed to provide both quality and performance at an affordable price. Scorpion starts with high quality aluminum alloy parts that are produced on the latest CNC milling machines. These parts are then gold anodized to provide a beautiful, long-lasting finish. The stators are made with 0.2mm laminations to give maximum efficiency, and minimum Eddy current losses. The stators are epoxy coated to prevent shorts, and are wound with wire that is rated at 180 degrees C (356 F). The magnets used in Scorpion Motors are custom manufactured to be able to withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees C (392 F).

All Scorpion HK Series 22mm motors come with 3.5mm male Bullet style connectors already attached, and include a hardware package that contains 3 matching female Bullet connectors for your speed controller, heatshrink to cover the bullet connectors and mounting screws. Since the HK series motors are primarily designed for Helicopter and Ducted Fan use, they do not include a prop adapter. If you intend on running a prop on this motor, you will need to purchase a prop adapter for a 3.17mm shaft (1/8 inch).
Check out Mikado USA’s website. They have a huge range of RC goodies and will be a vendor at the Joe Nall event at TripleTree Aerodrome.

  • Prize Number 22. A Falcon propeller of your choice (TBA on total value) kindly donated by Steve and Julie from Falcon Propellers.

Falcon Propellers manufacture great scale props at great prices.
Check out our new range of WWII two and three bladed props complete with scale decals, designed to add the finishing touch to your War bird!

Civilian Style Propellers
Check out our unique range of Civilian Propellers. Based on designs from the 1950s these beautiful scale props will provide great performance and a finishing touch to your aircraft. “No Cub or Stearman should be seen without one” New Sizes now available.
Stay Tuned!

  • Prize Number 23 is a 32″ YAK 54 foamie donated kindly by Jase Dussia from JTA Innovations.

We are pleased to introduce the first development of the JTA Innovations line of foamies, the 32” Yak 54. The Yak has always been a popular and classic platform within the RC aerobatic community. Designed with all styles of foamy flying in mind, the Yak is constructed with 6mm EPP which allows for controllable outdoor flying as well as nimble indoor flying. Equipped with an extremely rigid carbon fiber arrangement, state of the art hardware, durable and efficient landing gear, and flexible yet strong EPP foam, the Yak is sure to withstand the most demanding of flights. Along with the superb flight characteristics and high quality construction, the Yak is available in 2 printed color schemes designed by Matt Stringer.

  • Prize Number 24. The Digitech AT Wizard 2.0 Angle and Throw meter valued at $50.00 kindly donated by Danny and Manny from Aero Panda.

. Measure your Throws in MM /inch/degrees
. Bluetooth
. IOS and Android supported.
Rechargeable no cables needed! Build in Lipo cell up to 4 hours on time / auto shutt off
. no Binding needed / instant connection!
. very small! Length 40mm x Width 26mm x High 11mm
. Recharge thru mini USB Cable.

Usage :
1.turn on device / Start app
2. Type in your Chord Length.
3. place it on the Hinge line somewhere on the surface that needs to be measured.
Display the model throws either MM or degrees and inches.