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Arrival in Czech Republic

The team departed for the Czech Republic on July 30th, arriving in the morning of July 31st. Thomas flew through Newark and had the same flight as Mike and Leszek to Prague. Some thunderstorms in eastern PA delayed the departure a bit. Tom took a different route to Prague and with no delays made it to Prague first. He spent some time changing which vehicle to rent so that there was enough space for all the airplanes and winches. By 11am we were all there and had two vehicles loaded for the trip to the AirBnB rental in Ceska Ves which took over 4 hours.

We were able to track down Jiri Baudis that afternoon and pick up our contest line that had been delivered to his shop. We also had a nice tour but the shop was quiet since they were on holiday. After that off to dinner and a store to pick up food for breakfast and lunch the next day.

That evening we assembled tails on the fuselages and checked out everything to be ready to hit the field for some flying the next day.

August 1st we picked up the batteries. We also claimed a spot in the tent for the team for the week.

The last bit of equipment was stakes, hammers, drills, and a cart and meeting our additional local helpers Petr and Valerie.

We had to fly at one end of the field and there was a polish full scale club that had set up summer camp at the airfield that week. So while they were doing launches in the morning, we finished assembling winches and tested the winches and adjusted battery resistors.

The afternoon was a bit of flying. It was interrupted for a few showers. We would see similar weather for many days of the week.

Friday morning we did some more practice at the end of the field. In the afternoon the winches were moved down to the winch area for the weekend contest. USA had the first winch position on the line. We were able to put in a bit of measured speed practice on the final course.

One turnaround needed some repair on a bushing. Fortunately the spare parts were available to fix it properly for the weekend. Pavel and Leszek also got in some practice since they were flying in the weekend contest.