2011 F3B Cycle

The 2011 Team which contested the World Championships in China was selected at an event in Perris CA in October 2010. Here is a photo Gallery of the 2010 Team Selects event.
Meet the 2011 Team here.

The Team assembled in Cocoa FL in late Feb 2011 for the GatorF3B Event as a Team Fund raiser and practice event. This is a brief report on the 2011 Gator event.

On August 28th 2011 the Team go together for a Practice day at Perris in preparation for the Worlds in China. Here is a link to that a short report by David Klien.

Below are links to each day of our 18th F3B World Championships adventure in China 2011. We have a daily update and photos of the event and interesting locations we visited. Fans were able to see these daily updates to the webpage and track the progress of the contest and the USA F3B team. If you are looking for general information about the Laiwu location etc in China go to this page.

Jun 2011 – Kyle Paulson and David Klien talk about Airtronics and the F3B World Champs.

Sun – Aug 28 2011 – Podcast with F3B Team by Paul Naton on his GlideFast Journal.

Tue- Aug 30 2011 – David, Tom and Gordon discuss Team USA F3B and China on the Mercury RC Radio Network.

Thu – Sep 15th 2011 – Leaving USA and arriving in China.

Fri – Sep 16th 2011 – Orientation and Rainy day

Sat – Sep 17th 2011 – Rainy Day

Sun – Sep 18th 2011 – Practice Day at Lake Xueye

Mon – Sep 19th 2011 – Practice Day at Lake Xueye

Tue – Sep 20th 2011 – “1st Practice Day at contest field

Wed – Sep 21st 2011 – “Xueye open’’competition

Thu – Sep 22nd 2011 – “Xueye open’’competition and Registration of models, winches and check-in.

Fri – Sep 23rd 2011 – Opening Ceremony and 1st day of World Championships.

Sat – Sep 24th 2011 – Opening Ceremony of the CIAF. (China International Aerosports Fiesta)

Sun – Sep 25th 2011 – World championship competition day

Mon – Sep 26th 2011 – World championship competition day

Tue – Sep 27th 2011 – World championship competition day

Wed – Sep 28th 2011 – Last Day and closing ceremony

Thu – Sep 29th 2011 –  Packing models and a little adventure in Laiwu markets

Fri – Sep 30th 2011 – Departure for USA.