Aug 11 – Departure Home

It was with a little sadness that we said good byes to the other teams after breakfast and left Hoyerswerda for the final time on our drive to Prague. Don, Glauco and Darrell were to fly from Prague back to the states early Monday while Dave, Tom and Betty and Sheralyn and I would stay on for a short while in Czech Republic and Germany before returning later. The drive from Germany was about 3 1/2 hours of various types of country from little roads and villages in Saxony farmland to the Autobahn and a few very long tunnels. It has been remarkable how few police cars we have seen in Germany during the last 14 days but there was a lot more once we reached Czech border including speed traps on the airport roads. We checked the boys into the hotel and then journeyed back to Roman Voijech’s home for lunch. Roman and his wife served up a really nice traditional meal of dumpling, braised pork and zali (which is similar to sauerkraut) and Roman’s famous strudel. Roman took us on a 4km walk through the city to the Prague palace. What an amazing thing to behold. Known as the largest castle in Europe it has a magnificent Gothic cathedral inside of approx 1100 years old. We spent a couple of hours there looking at the ancient statues sights before enjoying a few of the local brews. Roman is a terrific host and we really appreciated our guided tour overlooking the city.
Tommorrow we must pack the remaining line and winches for air freight back to the USA.
Good night