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Fri Aug 11 World Championships Day 5

Very windy overnight so quite a few branch’s and trees damaged on the drive to the field. The outlook is good though with small chance of rain later in the day but it will again be warm. Some high clod thus morning us obscuring the morning sun. We start with Speed Rd 7 and then we fly final round 8.

Air was smooth with a littlr 5 mph cross ftom the valley side yielding decent launches to start with. Pilots were achieving 16’s with the occasional 15.  Reto flew fifth and set the fastest time thus far of 15.9.  Mike took one launch and with a fee spits of rain the CD called him down and briefly stopped the contest. A few minutes later the rain stopped and Mike went again. The air was heavy.anf the wind had almost stopped completely. He took two launches before he had a decent start to record a run. He made a great pass under the conditions with a 16.8

By the time Tom flew launching conditions had really deteriorated with virtually no wind to play with. Toms run was pretty tight at B and A but slowing down he cut Base B on  the second pass and finished with a 20 second time.


Tom was up in the second group of Duration and waited out the 10 minutes flying well out to the North. On his return to tye field he made an excellent 100 pointer but slightly overcompensated for being early on approach and ended up 2 seconds over for a 10:02- 100


Reto And Mike both flew the perfect flights scoring  Grannys in Duration with  10:00 – 100. Well done Reto and Mike. 


Tom was first up and started a little too heavy. He maybe flew a little fast in the first 2 minutes to run out of steam at the end with a model that was heavy and struggling in the lighter conditions.. His distance score . Tom for 15 laps in the end versus winner on 17.


With a lot of confidence from his earlier Granny in Duration Reto set about his distance task with enthusiasm. Reto flew a little lighter based on Toms experience and flew beautifully to run out 21 laps with only a few seconds left. Nearest was 20.

Our first 1000 point Distance score of this Worlds was finally achieved in the last round. Well done Reto.

Mike launched slightly higher than Andreas Herrig and matched Andreas lap for lap from start to nearly the finish. In the end Andreas took thehonoors over Mike by just 1 lap. Meanwhile a couple if pilots entering the course a little later and flying a little further out eclipsed Andreas by 3 laps and Mike by 4. 

Bernhard Flixider of Austria is leading the contest with approx 115 points over Andreas Herrig. During his Rd8 distance he was flying against Johannes Kristke of Germany and he didn’t get the greatest launch and was always behind in the lap count of Johannes who started on course earlier. The end result was a deficit of 2 laps to the junior pilot from Germany. This virtually erased the lead he had over Andreas. When Andreas came out to fly Distance Rd 8 he was unable to defeat his opponent and lost by 3 laps to reverse the fortunes at the top again. When the total were tallied before the start of Speed Bernhard still had a 100 point buffer to Andreas. It will be an interesting Reverse Order in Speed this afternoon.


Conditions throughout the afternoon were hot and sultry with most pilots having great difficulty getting a decent launch. A few pilots managed 15’s and it took until the 38th pilot joakim Stahl  before we had a time in the 14’s of 14.6 which ended up being the 1000 point time for the round.

Mike had a decent run in the tough air for a 17.77. Tom made a really tight 17.47and Reto a 17.56 on an afternoon of mostly 17’s.

The final 10 pilots saw the Joakim Stahl air dissipate and had the same conditions to deal most of the others had. 

The drama started when Martin Herrig didn’t get the horn in the middle of a diving 2nd turn at Base B. He pushed, got the horn and then pulled tragically straight into the ground.

After A short delay while Martin and Lucas Gunther walked out to find the model A few drops of rain were felt as the thunderstorms around the field threatened to approach.

Johannes Krischke was  next and he flew a good 16:32. This meant that Andreas Bohlens following him with only a couple of points margin needed to go close to that to stay in 3rd place. Andreas Bohlens managed to safely get a 16.92 which will probably not keep him in 3rd place on the podium.

Andreas Herrig  was next and for him to win he really needed a miracle launch and super air. He waited for some time before finally launching and taking his first launch to achieve a safe 16.18. It wa finally up to the kid wonder from Austria. Bernhard Flixider just needed a 17 to win the world’s. He flew an easy 17.13 and a new era was upon us. A new World Champion was born.

New world Champion – Bernhard Flixider