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2019 Jesenik World Cup

Friday afternoon we had the winch placemnents for the weekend contest. The USA team would have the first winch position which would usually be the downwind side of the winch line, and closest to the safety line for speed. The organizers were also busy setting up the course and official sighting devices.

Saturday morning there were showers outside when we got up. The showers would continue throughout the day for short periods of time.
The contest started with task A, Duration. Showers were on and off and not much thermal activity. Plenty of flights with less than 10 minutes. That was followed by task B, Distance. No distance wins for US pilots, just OK flights. These were also training for the helpers for the WC and there was a small number of reflights. The rain was also causing some problems with buttons but eventually those issues were worked out. There was a lunch break in the middle of distance and with all the delays, the task finally finished after 4PM. The rest of the day was task C, Speed. Nothing special in the evening air for speed times. The team had some communications issues to work out and but nothing major.

Sunday started again with task A, tasb B, then task C in reverse order. Tom finished in 7th, Mike 18th, Thomas 38th, Leszek 42nd, and Pavel 43rd.