Homeward Bound – Fri 30th

The trip from Jinan to Beijing was uneventful and there we parted company with Tim and Tom as they were on different flights. The Air China flight to LAX was also on time and without any problem as the 5 of us spent most of the 12 hours sleeping. With what seems to be the slowest customs on earth I missed the Delta connection to Orlando. So I have about 11 hours to kill here now. There should be a hobby shop at LAX to make it more bearable. 🙂
The rest of the team should be home by now.

I have spent some time here figuring a strategy of how to get 3 cartoons through Delta prelim security as there is no facilities out side the secure area and i need a feed. After not being allowed in, I went to a small airline at Terminal 6 and took the elevator up and through their less stringent security point and then took a shuttle back to terminal 5 and found a pizza store. Cheese at last…….. Apparently the cows in china aren’t good for cheese or something because we didn’t get a slice of real cheese for the last two weeks and it’s amazing how you crave something you can’t have.
Bloody good at California Pizza Kitchen