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Fri Aug 4 Registration, processing of models and practice

We arrived at the airfield at 8:00am and set up for practice at the NE end of the field along with 3 or 4 other teams. Conditions were again overcast with two separate layers of cloud – one very high and one at just a few thousand feet.

This obscured the sun for a big part of the day but we enjoyed the cooler conditions as it has been awfully hot here for the last 5 days. The breeze also set up early right down the runway from the South West. While we were practicing the CD Jan Stanovsky and his helpers were setting up the official contest course.

 The F3B course was set up today in front of the airfield hangar and with the prevailing wind from the SW this made a launch away from the course towards and entering the course to the North East. This is generally referred to as a Downwind course because when flying speed – the first fast lap after entering the course is being flown with the wind (in the opposite direction of launch.)

It was really important for the team to get plenty of practice at speed in this layout as it is very easy to be consistently long on the Base B turn with this kind of tailwind.

We had 4 winches set up for the day and each pilot  would take 4 launches each and we would retrieve 4 and go again. Mike had the best runs of the day in the low 14’s with Tom shooting a 14.68 as well. Reto also got in the 14’s and in the end we had an excellent day of practice.

The Precontest begins in the morning at 8:00.