2014 Team Selects Perris CA

The 2014 USA F3B Team Selection Event was held at the Perris, CA. facility for the second time thanks to the Riverside Radio Control Club (AMA Charter #149) and the Southern California Antique Model Plane Society (SCAMPS).
The event was held on October 24th (Fri.) / October 25th (Sat.) and October 26th (Sun.), 2014.

The CD was Phil Renaud with Head Jurist Mike Lee. David Olson was the Event Coordinator and Tim Traver’s F3X Vault scoring system was used for real time web scoring. All details of the event can be reviewed here on Tims site. The Perris field’s tenant is Riverside Radio Control Club has a Website at http://www.riversidercclub.org

16 pilots including one Junior contested the event with the final results as follows.
1st Kyle Paulson 14464.93
2nd Mike Lachowski 14434.59
3rd Darrell Zaballos 14316.54
4th Tom Kiesling 14314.78
5th Michael Smith 14313.67
6th Reto Fiolka 14271.68
7th Thomas Cooke 14218.52
8th Dillon Graves (Junior) 14199.32
9th Aaron Valdes 14122.33
10th Tim Traver 13907.92
11th Glauco Lago 12964.63
12th Warren Day 12873.67
13th Lewis (Dean) Clark 12732.73
14th David Olson 11694.99
15th Don Scegiel 3609.83

A big thankyou to the amazing soaring community who made this event a success by volunteering for the three days. Those fantastic helpers were: Tom Watson, Sherpa, Bob Mietzner, Doug Cronkhite, Steve Condon, Mario Scolari, Jim Lueken, Scott Thomason, Dan Field, Frank Campbell, Jun Catacutan, Lex Mierop, Steve Situm, David Freund, Chris Brooksby, Bill DelHagen, Loren Mills, Jerry Millett, Sheldon Smith, Dennis Everett, Jim Weinberg.

The event also has a dedicated thread on RCGroups here.