Laiwu, China Location & Contest Details

The 2011 World F3B Soaring Championships took place from September 21st to 29th, 2011 in Laiwu, Shandong, PR China.

The official Chinese website was created but not well maintained unfortunately during the World Championships in China but there are some great photos in the Gallery of the area around where the worlds took place.

Here is a look at the very nice accommodations provided by the organizers in China in Laiwu city, Shandong province. The XinBai Grand Hotel at 17 Luzhong East Street, Laiwu, Shandong, China. Tel: +86-634-6607777 Fax: +86- -634-6607666

The website of Roman Vojtěch our Worlds Contest Director is also up to date with info on the Worlds.

The F3B world championship organizers in China and the FAI released an official bulletin #1 with details of the up coming World Championships location and preparations.
FAI Worlds Bulletin #1

Bulletin #2 was also released prior to the contest.
FAI Worlds Bulletin #2

Kouzhen Center Primary School

We shared some US items with local school children in a cultural exchange at the flying field on the first contest day.

Some very nice T Shirts with the official FAI logo etc were created by the organizing committee. Unfortunately they were all very undersized and none that were purchased fit very well. 🙁

Official 2011 F3B World Champs Shirts

Here is the official entry Form used by event participants.
Official World Champs Entry Form.

Other contesting countries F3B websites below;

Australia F3B Team

France F3B Team

German F3B Team

Russia F3B Team


This is the location of the flying site near Lake Xueye in Shandong province in China. It can be viewed in Google Maps or Google Earth at 36.471867,117.555814 coordinates.

Google map view of site

The location has apparently pretty favorable weather in September with an average day temperature of 20℃. Approx 6 rain days are expected during September so we may have a couple of wet flying days.
Sunrise is at 05:30 and sunset at 18:30.

Lake Xueye was a reservoir – but now it is a resort area with meals, lodging, and many tourist facilities.

The best way to get to the area is by long haul bus from Jinan, Shandong. It is around 1/2 hour from Jinan Airport. Train is a little inconvenient and slow.

The recreation area includes, fishing water sports and golfing. Normally the main focus is on water activities but during September the Aerosports Federation of China will be conducting many activities in the area with an emphasis on flying and fun.

The Expo area near Lake Xueye where we will fly.

The China International Aero-Sports Fiesta show during the F3B Worlds at Lake Xueye and the MX2 Aerobatic Team Xtreme from Sth Africa should be performing again.

Airsports Expo China (Laiwu)

Laiwu (Shandong Province) is nearby and this is where the team will be staying for the duration of the World Championships.

Laiwu Information.

Laiwu City covers an area of 2246 km2 with total population of 1.25 million, and administers Laicheng District, Gangcheng District and three provincial economic development zones. Laiwu has been named Ying and Mou in history, and was an area of strategic importance. The Changshao War in the Spring and Autumn Period and the famous ”Laiwu Battle” by the East China Field Army during the Liberation War has been launched in Laiwu. There are plenty of resources, especially coal and iron, in the territory of Laiwu. It has been an important iron smelting center for its long history of smelting. Now, Laiwu is an emerging industrial city based on steel economy, a steel production and deep processing base in Shandong and the national new materials industrialization base. The total output of steel in the last year has reached 14 million tons in the city. Since ginger, garlic and peaches are extensively produced here, Laiwu is name the Home of Ginger, the Home of Chinese Pepper and the Home of Golden Peach in China. Laiwu is a beautiful city with new development every day. It has been awarded the National Sanitary City, the National Garden City and the Best Tourist City in China, as well as the National Honor of Shuanyong Model City five times.

Tourist points are the HuaShan Forest Park, Qilu Canyon, YunTaiShan.

You can also learn much more by visiting the following links.

Google Maps page of Laiwu China.

Laiwu (Shandong) City and local links.

Jun 2011 – Kyle Paulson and David Klien talk about Airtronics and the F3B World Champs.

Sun – Aug 28 2011 – Podcast with F3B Team by Paul Naton on his GlideFast Journal.

Tue- Aug 30 2011 – David, Tom and Gordon discuss Team USA F3B and China on the Mercury RC Radio Network.

Thu – Sep 15th 2011 – Leaving USA and arriving in China.

Fri – Sep 16th 2011 – Orientation and Rainy day

Sat – Sep 17th 2011 – Rainy Day

Sun – Sep 18th 2011 – Practice Day at Lake Xueye

Mon – Sep 19th 2011 – Practice Day at Lake Xueye

Tue – Sep 20th 2011 – “1st Practice Day at contest field

Wed – Sep 21st 2011 – “Xueye open’’competition

Thu – Sep 22nd 2011 – “Xueye open’’competition and Registration of models, winches and check-in.

Fri – Sep 23rd 2011 – Opening Ceremony and 1st day of World Championships.

Sat – Sep 24th 2011 – Opening Ceremony of the CIAF. (China International Aerosports Fiesta)

Sun – Sep 25th 2011 – World championship competition day

Mon – Sep 26th 2011 – World championship competition day

Tue – Sep 27th 2011 – World championship competition day

Wed – Sep 28th 2011 – Last Day and closing ceremony

Thu – Sep 29th 2011 – Packing models and a little adventure in Laiwu markets

Fri – Sep 30th 2011 – Departure for USA.