Perris Practice Day Aug 28 2011

We had a nice distance practice on Saturday and we wanted to thank everyone who came out to help. Once again the amount of support we have had this year is incredible! We had around 20 people helping us pushing buttons and flying against us! What makes this even more impressive is the temperature peaked out at 113 F. For those that don’t know, that is really hot for flying distance!!!

I know I’m going to forget someone but I’ll try taking a crack the list of great people that came out to help:

Robert and Kerry Cavasos
Don Scegiel
Steve and Matt Garland
Mike Lee
Tim Traver
Dave Cortina
Mary Paulson
Kyler Paulson
Koby Paulson
Mark Canfield
Mike Murphy
Bob M
Paul Sherman
Dan Fitzgerald

Mike Smith
Scott Condon
Darrel Zaballos

Thanks everyone!!!

Tom Kiesling

Thanks to all that came out this weekend. Enough can’t be said about those that braved ~110F or 50C temperatures to volunteer their time for us. As a side note, we were just as crazy the next day, going out for another practice in the 110F weather.

Dave Klien